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    #1 Private Investigator Company Boston Massachusetts. USPA Nationwide Security of Massachusetts offers Private Detectives, Civil Investigations and Cheating Spouse Investigations in the Boston, MA Area.
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    Need Private Investigator in the Boston, MA area. We provide professional investigations, former law enforcement officers for your personal security needs. #1 Private Investigator Company Massachusetts.
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    Need a background check service in Boston Massachusetts? USPA Nationwide Security of MA provides FCRA compliant background investigations. #1 Fully licensed & Insured Private Investigator Boston MA.
Security Protection Company Massachusetts
Boston, Massachusetts Private Investigation Service
We are an innovative Boston, Massachusetts security guard company specializing in guard services, protective security (bodyguards) as well as private investigative service in Massachusetts (PI Services Boston, MA). Our success is defined by the caliber of our knowledge in the security and investigations field, our innovation, our security officers, licensed Boston, MA Private Investigators and our track record.

We have developed a large pool of private detectives for hire who can deliver a wide range of investigative services. We have a reputation for excellence and the ability to meet the needs of security and investigative related projects large and small across the State of Massachusetts.

Boston, MA Private Investigator Services:
Infidelity Investigations (Cheating Spouse Investigator)
Pre-Employment Background Checks Boston MA
Private Iinvestigator Massachusetts
Private Detective Service MA
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Private Investigator Boston MA
Private Security Detective Service
The success of any business rides on the shoulders of its’ employees. Every business wants to employ the best and brightest but the process in which to vet these candidates can be daunting. At USPA Nationwide Security of Massachusetts, our Investigators have years of experience conduction pre-employment background checks for several Police Departments and Municipalities throughout the Metrowest area. Our methods are tried and true and we can dig as deep as our clients require, to ensure that they have the most accurate details to base a hiring decision upon. When vetting candidates for employment, trust only the best to ensure success. Trust USPA Nationwide Security of Massachusetts.
Are you a busy Attorney or Insurance Claims Account Manager? Are there not enough hours in the day for you to prepare for your next case? Do you need someone to do the investigative legwork for you? Look no further because the Investigators at USPA Nationwide Security of Massachusetts can handle whatever assignment is needed. Our investigators are highly trained and proficient in surveillance, gathering documents, photographing crime or accident scenes, and writing complete, articulate and relevant reports. Do you need a hand analyzing a Police report? Many of our investigators are former Law Enforcement professionals with decades of experience. Are you trying to document a false worker’s comp claim?
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Missing Person Investigator (locate a missing person Boston MA)
No feeling can be worse for a person than to wonder about a missing loved one. At USPA Nationwide Security of Massachusetts, most of our Investigators have Law Enforcement backgrounds and have experience working missing persons cases throughout their careers. These professionals bring that expertise to USPA Nationwide Security of Massachusetts. We can never guarantee the best outcome, but we will always guarantee that we will never quit and will give you our best effort always. We have contacts and working relationships with law enforcement, government, military, and security professionals nationwide and will utilize every one of them to attempt to find closure for our clients. Trust in USPA Nationwide Security of Massachusetts to search for your missing loved one.

Are you or a loved one a victim of a crime? Are the Police limited as to what they can do for you? If so, contact USPA Nationwide Security of Massachusetts to assist you. Our investigators are former Police Detectives, Military Police, and trained Private Investigators with decades of experience investigating crime. We will work hard to determine the who, what, when, where, why and how of any scenario and will compile evidence to support our conclusions. In addition, we will provide a complete and thorough report and will provide courtroom testimony if need be. We can also review and critique police reports and reports from other investigators pertaining to your specific case. Our services are available to individuals, businesses, and law firms. Trust USPA Nationwide Security of Massachusetts to bring you the evidence you need and the reports and testimony to back it up.

Infidelity Investigations (cheating spouse investigator Boston)
Do you ever wonder if your spouse is being faithful? Do you suspect him or her of cheating? Are you considering divorce because of these feelings but want to be sure before you go through with it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, contacting USPA Nationwide Security of Massachusetts is the next and only logical step. At USPA Nationwide Security of Massachusetts, we conduct all of our investigations and surveillance operations in a respectful, professional, confidential manner. As such, we shall never provide anyone, other than our client, with any information we’ve gathered, unless it is unlawful for us to deny access. If you suspect infidelity, your suspicions could very well be accurate. Whether it proves or disproves your suspicions, rely on USPA Nationwide Security of Massachusetts to provide you with the evidence needed to make one of the most difficult decisions of your life. Trust only the best to help you through life’s difficult moments. Trust USPA Nationwide Security of Massachusetts.

Loss Prevention Investigators Boston
Are you having a problem with shoplifting at your retail location? Do you suspect that one or more employees may be stealing from you? Have all of your efforts to catch the thieves failed? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the only correct response is to contact USPA Nationwide Security of Massachusetts. Our investigators are highly trained in detecting theft. In addition to monitoring retail locations, we can conduct a site security assessment utilizing undercover investigators to expose any weaknesses in your current security plan. We will then provide recommendations on how to harden your retail location’s defenses in order to help prevent future breaches. We can provide undercover assets to work at your location for one day or several months, however long it might take to identify any internal theft. Call USPA Nationwide Security of Massachusetts to determine if our services are right for you. Trust USPA Nationwide Security of Massachusetts to protect what matters most.

CCTV Security and Private Detectives Boston MA
Are you looking for someone to monitor your security video footage? Do you have hours of old footage that you need searched and/or catalogued for evidentiary purposes? If so, call USPA Nationwide Security of Massachusetts. We can provide personnel who are professional, alert, and organized to perform your monitoring services. We perform on-site monitoring for whatever time frame is required by the client. You can trust that our personnel are vigilant and observant. In addition, our investigators will act as a second pair of eyes for your investigation, performing the time-consuming, tedious job of viewing old security video footage and providing you with a report of any observations made. Trust the professionals at USPA Nationwide Security of Massachusetts to provide you with the highest level of service in the industry.

Private Investigators Boston Massachusetts
Do you have questions about an investigative report? Do you need assistance breaking down a report for court purposes? Is your work load so heavy that you need an extra set of eyes and pair of hands? Our Investigative Professionals are here to assist you with your needs. We can analyze reports, evidence, video and audio testimony, and various other documents, freeing up your time to concentrate on other matters. Trust USPA Nationwide Security of Massachusetts to deliver the level of service and the quality of product that you desire.

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